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What Shopping Has Become For Coupon Clippers

What shopping has become for coupon clippers

Coupon clipping today has become a refined science. Instead of shopping only when the need arises and paying the highest prices, today’s coupon clippers shop when particular coupons are issued and the best bargains are found, at stores that redeem coupons.

Couponing techniques have evolved over the years, and because of the internet, they are continuing to change.

A History Of Couponing

To understand the present and future of coupons, it’s helpful to look at the past. The very first coupon was issued by the Coca-Cola company in 1887. It offered a free glass of coke.

Many coupons that existed into the mid-1900’s and later carried no expiration date. Imagine that. Someone who held a coupon for a free product in those days could hold the coupon to redeem it several years later when prices were much higher.

In fact, there are some shoppers who attested to the fact that they were able to redeem these valuable coupons that their mothers or grandmothers had held onto.

In addition to coupons, there were green and blue chip stamps which could be pasted into books. Once the entire book was filled, a shopper could redeem the stamps for several different appliances. The size of the appliance was based on the number of stamps a shopper could collect.

The programs were so popular, the stamps themselves became a coupon reward.

The stamp and coupon discount programs were good for consumers and good for companies. That’s because coupons were issued in circulars that consumers purchased, and stamps came with grocery purchases.

Coupon Clippers Today

Couponing has taken a giant step into the electronic world. Shoppers can not only cut coupons from inserts, they can also copy printable coupons online or add them electronically to store tags. They can download a coupon app to their mobile phone and just display the coupon offer when they check out. For online shopping, they can search for coupon codes that offer fantastic deals.

Because of Google and other search engines, shoppers have access to a much wider database of coupons than ever before. Manufacturers are pumping them out in the millions, and coupon clippers are loving every minute of it. Print some awesome savings today!

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