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Vicks Humidifier $5 Off Coupon

Saving $5 on vicks humidifiers

Vicks Humidifier Coupon – Save $5 on ONE Vicks Humidifier (select models only) – Medicine cup allows Vicks Vaposteam or Kaz Inhalent to provide a soothing medicated vapor!

How does a vicks humidifier work?

The tank feeds the water into the chamber where it is heated to be a steam vapor. The 95% vapor is free of bacteria and will not give off any white dust. The vapor will mix with dry air in the cooling chamber and the moist warm air is then released into the room.


As the cold sets in, the levels of humidity will drop. The cold air is not able to contain as much moisture as warm air can. So when the heat goes on in your home, humidity levels can drop as much as 10% or more. This can lead to dry skin, nose and throat discomfort. Get the vicks humidifier and keep your home at the recommended humidity level of 40-60%. Print the vicks $5 off coupon today!

  • Up to 95% bacteria free vapor
  • Cup for use with Vicks Vaposteam
  • Quiet operation with optional settings
  • Get The Vicks Humidifier $5 Off Coupon Today!

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