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Vega Protein Powder Discount Coupon

Save $5 on vega protein powder!

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Vega Protein is made from plant-based and whole food ingredients that provides a balanced, high end amino acid profile. Functional ingredients contain BCCAS leucine, valine and isoleucine that stimulates protein synthesis, also has 5,000 mg of L-glutamine. This will help in repairing muscles after exercise. Using Vega protein 30 minutes after you workout will help recovery and give cells the required vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Great for taking on the go with water, milk and even blend to make a tasty shake or smoothie!

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Improves Your Strength

Contains 25 grams of plant based and whole food proteins like peas, brown rice, alfalfa, and saviseed.

Repair and Rebuild

Every single serving of vega protein powder has 5,000mg of (BCAAs) – branched chain amino acids that assist in stimulating protein synthesis.

Recovery Time Reduction

The faster that you can recover from working out means that you can get going again more quickly. Glutamine will help muscle cells repair and supports a stronger immune system.


Vega protein powder has undergone strict testing to ensure the specified 20ppm gluten and in recognized for the celiac threshold.

Key Features of Vega Protein Powder:

  • Made from plant based and whole foods
  • Gluten-Free and internationally recognized
  • Certified by Vegan Action to be made without any animal ingredients
  • Safe for all athletes – third-party tested for substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency
  • Vega Protein Powder Coupons are EASY to Print – Grab Yours Today!

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