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How Bargain Hunters Find The Best Deals

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When you first begin to coupon, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed. That’s normal. There are so many different coupons for so many different things found in lots of different places. You may be wondering how bargain hunters manage to find the best deals in a mountain of coupon inserts and online websites, and a sea of different stores.

Here are some tips for newbies that should make you feel a little bit better.

It Gets Easier The Longer You Do It

Being a couponer is a little bit like being self-employed at a part-time job. You learn as you go. As you begin to familiarize yourself with looking for the best bargains, you’ll become accustomed to what things are available to you and where. Just like you probably know now what stores in your area offer the best discount on certain things, the more you look at different websites and store circulars and seek out informative articles and shopper forums, the more you’ll be able to find the right coupon method for yourself.

How Bargain Hunters Find The Best Deals “Method”

If you purchase the weekend paper for coupon inserts, you should have some way of organizing them that makes sense to you. Many couponers use coupon filing systems that are ordered by the weekly date of issue. Couponers also usually have a binder or coupon keeper for printable coupons that they use when they go into the store to buy. Carrying a large binder isn’t really necessary. A very small photo binder that fits in your purse can suffice.

Having a system of organization helps to cut down on the time it takes to prepare for your next shopping trip. You’ll probably find that your method will change as you become more accustomed to what you are doing. This organizational system is what truly makes smart bargain hunters.

The Amount Of Money You Save Will Grow

Coupon newbies sometimes get discouraged when they hear about experienced couponers who save 90% off their shopping bill or net a large load of free items. They aren’t seeing those kinds of results yet, and they wonder what they are doing wrong.

Extreme couponers don’t learn their techniques overnight. Like a new business, experience is accrued over time. The more you coupon, the more results you will see on your shopping bill.

Your coupon methods will be tailored to your own experience. For instance, a lot of shoppers use their coupons to save money at Walmart, but if you don’t have a Walmart in your neighborhood, the amount of money you can save may be different, and the ways you save may be different, too.

How Bargain Hunters Find The Best Deals

Look For Sourcing Websites For Stores In Your Area

Fortunately, there are sourcing websites online that help new couponers to find their way. If you have a favorite store in your area that you know uses coupons, no matter where you live, you can google the name of the store and add “coupon deals” or “coupon matchups”. It’s likely you’ll find someone else in your area who is successfully couponing at that store, and has a website to tell other bargain hunters how they did it.

When you visit a new store in your area that you like, always ask if they accept coupons. Ask them if their coupon policy is stated on their website. Stores differ on whether they will accept coupon multiples, whether they give cash back on coupon overages, and other factors. It’s helpful to print out the current coupon policies of your favorite stores.

As most experienced bargain hunters will tell you, learning to coupon is part of the fun. It takes time, but the results you see will be worth it.

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