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Free After Rebate Product Coupons

Coupons that help you get products free after rebate

It’s hard to believe it’s still possible to get some things free or nearly free in today’s world, but it is. It will take a little ingenuity on your part, though, to match what’s available free with what you actually need. Here are some pointers for netting free after rebate product coupons.

Free After Rebate

Some stores still offer items that are free after rebate on a weekly or monthly basis. The process is simple: buy the product, fill out the printable form with the proper proof of purchase and send it out, wait to get all your money back. It’s important to remember that items purchased this way are only valuable if you can actually use them and would have purchased them anyway. Sometimes a free after rebate offer can work great as a gift for someone else, however.

Points Plus Dollars Off

Drug stores and some department stores offer points on products that can be combined with online coupons to net a free discount. Points are usually convertible to dollars off if you save up enough of them. Check the offer to see if the points have a listed expiration date. For instance, some stores give points on products that are only good for the Christmas season and expire soon after. Estimate whether you will be able to accumulate enough of them to make the offer worthwhile.

Coupon Codes Plus Seasonal Savings

Coupon codes that you find online can be valuable if combined with online savings. Make sure you get them from a reliable source website. Some unreliable websites offer non-functional coupon codes as a way of attracting readership – you may only find out that the codes don’t work when you make the purchase.

New Product Promotions

It’s worth keeping an eye open for introductions of new products on the market. These often are accompanied by free food coupons intended to spark consumer interest in the product. This will work best for you if you are not a brand-specific type of customer.

Member Discounts Plus Savings

Memberships may require a nominal yearly fee, or simply a little of your time to activate an email account. Added to seasonal savings and manufacturer or store coupons, they can result in free products. Check out the memberships that are available to you because of age or special interest. Choose the ones that are truly valuable and not just ego-boosting.

Buy One Get One Free Deals

True buy one get one free coupons are becoming harder to find these days, but there are still some available. You can create your own buy one get one free deals by looking for dollars-off discounts on purchases. For example, if a total grocery purchase offers $10.00 off $30.00 spent, this means you can get a $10.00 product for free if included in the same grocery purchase.

Once A Year Promotions

Many established brands lower their prices substantially once a year as an advertising ploy. They may offer dollars off on purchases made in bulk. Bulk purchasing in combination with other savings can net some great deals if, and only if, you can use the products before their expiration date. Otherwise, you are essentially throwing your money in the trash bin.

Fierce product competition in an open market means that nearly free or completely free purchases can always be found. Spend some quality search time online and check out printed circulars before shopping to find them.

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