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Enfamil Enfalyte Discount Coupons

Enfamil Enfalyte Discount Coupons - Printable

Enfamil Enfalyte Discount Coupons – Save $3 OR $5 With The Enfamil Coupon – Take your pick from our coupon database today!

Enfamil Enfalyte is an electrolyte based solution that is designed to replace lost electrolytes and water that will help in hydration. Unlike the usual sports drinks or juice, enfalyte is formulated with the most optimal carbohydrate balance for the absorption of electrolytes.

Enfalyte by Enfamil is a clear and simple way to replace those lost fluids and improve hydration. This formulation will also help your child get better faster by helping to hydrate the body quickly, even during vomiting and illness. Enfamil Enfalyte has high levels of electrolyte sodium to hydrate fast and has no artificial sweetners or flavors. It is ready to serve at any moment and there is no diluting needed.

  • No artificial colors, sweetners or flavors
  • Replenish electrolytes and water that is lost during illness
  • Enfamil is the #1 recommended formula by pediatricians
  • Enfalyte is ready to serve any time and any place
  • Trusted by hospitals for over 25 years
  • Children need to be hydrated quickly in the time of need – Enfamil is a great brand !
  • Enfamil Enfalyte Coupons are EASY to Print – Grab Yours Today!


  • Electrolytes are needed for the normal function of the human body
  • Vegetables and fruit are the best natural sources of electrolytes
  • Electrolytes regulate nerve and muscle functions
  • Consume the necessary levels of electrolytes as there will be health consequences
  • Vital organs and blood vessels depend on the bodies replenishment of electrolytes

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